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Who not to use on fiverr


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I am now going to post this. BEWARE OF BOOSTSEO, this person is the WORST person to deal with. I paid for a writing gig, where I provided the information and a back link to download my book for a review. I expressly told this person NOT to post this link on his site. Instead of writing a review, he copied and pasted my request, with my link to my copywritten material to FACEBOOK. When I asked him to just delete the post, he spent several days arguing with me. Of course I posted a negative feedback which warned anyone looking that if all you wanted was a cut and paste review go for it. This is day three of this person harassing me to remove the negative feedback. I reported this person to this sites management, where now he is threatening to tell the management I am harassing him.

This is the most awful experience. Not only did I have to pay my tech support to break the back link to my website, I am now dealing with this nonsense.


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I would be careful about posting people’s names. I have had a terrible experience dealing with a buyer. I delivered exactly what was promised, he didn’t think it was what was advertised although it’s a template so i don’t get where he is coming from as the main image was the same file I gave him. I even offered a refund, but he refused to take his money back so he could leave me a very mean and not fair feedback. I wasn’t worried as i thought customer support would take care of it. However, after waiting 36hrs and the buyer harassing me and threatening me to have more of his friends purchase my gig only so that they could give me negative feedback customer support finally responded. I was amazed at what they said, especially when they said they do not remove negative feedback and that I should keep doing more work so I can get better reviews to negate the bad one (keep in mind that he’s the only negative review i’ve had in 94 gigs completed and the only one to say it’s not what was advertised). I asked them what’s to stop users from buying competitors gigs or anyones gigs with the soul intention of giving them a negative feedback. I am shocked at the response i got from customer service.

I have contacted them again asking what a seller is supposed to do in that situation so hopefully they can let me know what it is exactly that I did wrong… besides being a seller. So since you’re a buyer, that’s who they protect. You have nothing to worry about. That negative feedback you left should be sufficient enough. You can also block the user from sending you messages if you don’t want to speak to them.

I feel your pain as I would love to expose who my attacker is but i think it’s against the rules.

You can read about my horror story here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/12675/i-am-being-held-hostage#Item_23

Good luck!!

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