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Need some database application prototypes? I am new here, but have something interesting!

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as of the topic here is to introduce newbies, I’ll do so.

I am a software developer with a focus on prototyping of database applications. With my offering starting at fiverr, I finally launch my business out of my Open Source project.

What can you expect from me?

Ready build business application prototypes including a reporting engine. Multiuser applications starting with a permission at a per application level. It is a prototype, but using a $999.99 commercial grade application framework!

Also I am offering creation of customized templates to let you create customized prototypes using your language of choice and frameworks in use.

I want to leave this topic with two questions?

Are my offerings of interest?

My offerings did not shou up in the categories as newly arrived items. Why?

Thanks for your comments and hopefully for your interest!


Here is my profile page: https://www.fiverr.com/****

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