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Yeaaah! I'm a level 2 seller!


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I’m so happy!

I have started my journey here on Fiverr two months ago. At the beginning everything worked just fine, new orders daily, good customers. What can I say… just beautiful.

But in this time, Fiverr changed his face… and the problems started to come, one by one.

If with V1 I had 4-5 daily orders, with v2 the start was a total lost of time. In 2 weeks, not even a single order.

I felt lost and thinking to leave Fiverr, because had no sense to continue. But I thought… I want a second chance!!!

I rewrote my gigs and started to post my gig link on different forums. In just 5 days I have made 55 orders and my life turned back happy. Now, if someone will read this post, and is making no sales with his gig, I give you one advice:

Write the gig title and description with what you like to do best.

Oversell. (don’t think about those 5$ lost because you did more than it should, think that the client will SURELY return if it is happy with what you have done, and next time he will give you 5$ extra for your work)

Be nice with the client.

Try to respond ASAP to messages.

Don’t forget to keep in contact with your past clients (but don’t be a spammer - is not nice)

It worked for me. In 5 days, level 2 seller.

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