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A little overwhelmed where to begin. Want a logo finished


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Hello! Newb here. If I am in the wrong forum to ask, please direct me.

I already know what I want my logo to look like and I can produce a pen-on-paper drawing.

  • It is only 2 colors. Black and yellow and will look like a typical traffic sign found in the US.
  1. How do I choose what kind of file I want? I expect to use this logo on T-shirts, stickers, websites.
  2. What does it mean to have an editable file?

Kind regards,

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Hi, you can open a buyer request and sellers will apply to help you in this project. They will send you their prices and you’ll have to choose with whom to work.

Normally for a T-shirt and depending where you want to print them, what you need is a PNG file, Vector file or PDF file. JPEG’s are also fine.

To have an editable file implies that you own a program capable to edit them (called Source File in most Gigs).
Depending on which program your seller is working with, you will get an .AI file or .PSD file, etc.

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