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Use one GIG to boost up your sales


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Today i am willing to provide you a small tip for new sellers that will be useful to boost up your sales.If you are a new seller try to avoid making more than 1 GIG at a time start with your 1 GIG and keep on sending buyer request when you start receiving order on that particular GIG try to boost it so that it get more than 20+ sales on that particular GIG , then try to create a new one this will be a good jump start from my personal experience i started with only 1 GIG and keep on trying to boost up my sales for that particular GIG & today i am a happy seller 🙂 i hope this will be helpful for new sellers happy selling

Cheers 🙂

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For me "false"

at the buyer request “ACTIVE” numbers are depending on the tag you input/added
so if you have 1 or 2 gigs that equivalent to 10 tag, SO! the number of “ACTIVE” buyer requested on buyer request

So for example
I will design a flyer

tag: flyer, logo, graphic, vector, illustration
ONLY 5 tag are allowed

so the number of active buyer will depend on day to day activity/posted

AHHHHH i think 20 or 15 or 5

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The amount of buyer requests I could see increased when I added more gigs. I am nowhere near a pro on here, I am just sharing my experience. Have a great day everyone.

i agreed but if you start with 1 GIG as a new seller and keep on promoting that GIG and boost up your orders then it will be helpful for a great start . happy selling 🙂

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I do not completely disagree with OP but from my own experience, creating multiple gigs helped me start off with a few orders: clients saw my x gig in search for instance, clicked, then browsed down to check the rest and finally ordered y gig. So I guess it improves exposure 🙂

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