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Is this legal or is a trap?


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I recceived this message 2 hours ago, and thought that it isn’t normal. But I don’t know maybe I’m being oversuspicious. Can anyone give me some hint? Thanks in advance.

“Hi there!

I have a gig to offer you. This is very simple and once we love your work we’ll order more from you.

All you need to do is to post a positive review about a certain business on a travel website on the internet. I’ll give $5 per review and you can write more if you re interested about this.

I only need the review to be anywhere from 60 to 250 words long.The reviews should be posted from your laptop, desktop or any other device which you can use to go online and it can be written in any language that you are comfortable with. And I almost forgot that you should log in using your Facebook account so that the review that you will be doing will not be wasted.

I would be very much pleased to be working with you soon so I m hoping that you d get back to me. Kindly respond to me at jancris.cada at gmail.com for me to be able to respond more quickly because I do not have ample time to check my fiverr every time.But still we will be transacting at fiverr for ordering so please include your fiverr profile link when you reply.


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