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Clarity Around Time to Delivery


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I’m looking to get a better understanding of just how long it should take to get a gig delivered. Let’s suppose it’s the 1st of the month and I order a gig with a three day delivery time.

My assumption when I first joined Fiverr was that it should take seventy-two hours (3 x 24) from when I first ordered the gig for it to be delivered. I don’t believe that’s correct now that I have some experience here. Now, it seems as though this is the process:

Let’s assume that I ordered the gig at 12.00 PM on the 1st.

The gig counts down as having two days to delivery on the first day (12.00 PM on the 1st to 11.59 AM on the 2nd), one day to delivery on the second day (12.00 PM on the 2nd to 11.59 AM on the 3rd) and then it starts counting down hours on the third day (from 24 hours at 12.00 PM on the 3rd to 0 minutes at 11.59 AM on the 4th). Then it seems to switch back to saying the order is due on a particular date (in this case, the 4th) for the remainder of that day (12.00 PM on the 4th to 11.59 PM on the 4th).

All up, this means it’s actually taken 72 + 12 (84) hours before the order is considered late. If the order is not delivered by this time, it’s then not immediately able to be cancelled. Instead you have to give an extra twenty-four hours leeway before you can cancel. So in this case the order would have to be delivered in 72 hours + 12 hours taken to the end of the day + The 24 hour leeway period which is 108 hours.

Is that correct?

Even assuming it is, where this becomes confusing for me is due to time zones. I’m based in Australia. When Fiverr tells me that a gig is expected to deliver on the 4th, from my perspective that doesn’t mean it will. It’s already the 5th here at 10 AM in some parts of America. So I need to mentally adjust what Fiverr tells me to get the actual date.

Exactly what time zone are the dates on Fiverr based around? Does anyone know?

It’s not that I mind waiting 108 hours instead of 72 if I know that’s how long it’ll take. It’s just that I’m trying to get an understanding if I order a gig on Monday whether I should expect it by Friday or not.

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From your description you seem to use the V1, because in V2 you have a counter that goes to the tick.

I just got an order running late over night, but It was marked late exactly when the time ran out. (I let it run late as the buyer didn´t respond for a revision and I wanted to give him extra time)

Usually it should take “expected delivery time + 24 hours” until you get promted to cancel.


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