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Calling Illustrators, Artist and Other Artistically Talented Sellers


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Can anyone tell me what kind of illustration this is and what keyword to search for on 5r?

I can’t seem to find an illustrator that does this or I’m not using the right search. There are pages of fancy drawings but I want simple line drawing - No color, too many details, etc.

P.S.: This is stock that I paid for from Canstock (Nope, I don’t steal off Google), but it’s not me. Looking to get one of me done.

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I looked at those but they are all too detailed, in color or shadows that’s been converted from color to black/white.

That’s line art – go to shutterstock and type in line art for your search. By default shutter is set for All Images. Best to set the drop down for vector when doing your search. Some images that are not line art may show up but in general you will see images like the one you posted above

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This is related to feminine hand drawing.

Dude, in my school that’s either line drawing or vector drawing… not hand drawing… and I don’t call myself “pro”…

I just am 😑

Good catch.

In fact, I want to say to contact the designer who is selling hand drawing, feminine designs. (Typo)😃

Thanks for pointing

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