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Offering so much with no orders


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Hey guys, been here a while now and Ive got some questions, maybe someone else here has been in my situation
I have a logo design gig with some nice images, fitting title and description
offering a lot just like the top sellers but no orders on over 250 views, isnt that weird?
or is it possible to say what Im doing wrong?

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It’s not weird at all. Fiverr is extremely competitive. Offering a service (in this case, logo design) that is in a heavily over-saturated market, and then expecting to be as successful (if not moreso) than the top sellers in that category, isn’t practical or realistic.

Fiverr does not guarantee sales on their site, so, if you want to be noticed, you’re going to have to work extra hard. Stand out. Be different than all the other logo designers. If you try to do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get lost in the crowd – no one will notice you or your gig. Be different. Be unique. Offer some sort of logo gig that no one else is offering. Be willing to compete.

Following the crowd rarely ever results in success.

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