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Delivering music with water mark?

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Hi Fiver Friends ¡ How are you doing?
My name is Miquel Pardo, and i’m a music composer from Barcelona.

I´m pretty new on Fiverr, and do have two questions.
Once you delivered the music the client asked you for, could just ask for revisions, and then tell you that didn´t like the service.

Then, both of you are agree in cancelling, but the client already got the music.
Then you must tell him that he cannot use the music, but of course he can do it, or not!
You´ll never know, right?

My first question is… You think that is correct to send to the client, the music with a water mark? So, if he doesn’t like it you still can use it for other matters, or in some music platforms to sell it?

Second Question: If you two (seller and buyer) are agree in a cancellation of a project, ones he already asked you for revisions and is not satisfied, that does give you a bad reputation in some way?
Thank you very much for your answers!

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