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Other freelance writing options


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Hi Guys!

I haven’t posted on here for funsies in a while, I hope you’re all doing well and doing even better selling your gigs!

I just wanted to talk about other freelance writing options in general. I’m using Fiverr to start of my freelance writing career, but I know there are other ways to make income with writing.

More specifically, I’ve been looking into opportunities where companies look for people to write about a specific niche. You can simply submit or email your work to a company, and whether they accept it or not will depend on whether you get paid or not.

Now, I think this is because I have some trust issues going on, but if any of you have had experience doing this or thought about it, my main concern and question is this: How do I know they aren’t going to take my work for free?

I know, I know. Dang, bernieeata, why you gotta think so lowly of these companies like dat? I just like to be prepared… And I overthink like crazy and this was a situation that came to mind. I just wanted to know if anyone out there could let me know what the deal with these gigs are like.

If you’re looking at this right now, thanks for reading 'till the end 🙂
Even if you don’t have experience with this specific type of gig, what other ways have you had freelance writing gigs outside of Fiverr?

Mod Note: Please don’t discuss Fiverr competitors by name or URL.

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