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How to choosing the best graphic designer from Fiverr - Part 01


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In this fast-moving world, it’s a real challenge to swim across the ocean by competing each other. Mainly graphic designers. It’s easy to learn everything through internet. All questions have the answers on google. Even kids who haven’t passed teenage have become good designers. Their designs meet professional standards and they doesn’t lack in quality too. New designers have able to meet the standards of experienced designers. same time there are peoples on internet who show them as designing professionals with having only the knowledge of basic in Photoshop. It’s difficult to pool them who are professionals who are not separately on fiverr.

Not sure whether its 2013 or 2014, there were fewer buyers and sellers in ‘Fiverr’, sellers were able to receive a huge amount of income. One of my friend generated $4000 in a month on ‘Fiverr’. We will discuss about it later.
But now things have changed. There are about 1 million mobile users of fiver app, just imagine about the total users of fiverr globally.

I am a designer, I cannot judge my competitors level. Just example I’m thinking Mr-x as a simple designer but he is skilled than me and has much experience in this field. And I think Mr-Y is skilled and has more experience than me in reality he is a low rated designer. At most times this is what happens. It’s difficult to choose the right person. How do we find whether a Pearson is a good designer or not the only way is to handover our project to them. What if we handover our project to a poor designer ??? both our project and time will be wasted.

The one who are going to work with a designer are the buyers. Here I’m going to talk with the buyers. Here will discuss about the buyer’s difficulties and how to find out the best designer and handover the project to them.

We will discuss about this in future articles. If any question comment below.

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