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Temporary gig discount option?


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I’m guessing there is no way of having a temporary gig discount on one of my packages, as to make customer aware that it is only for a short period of time, without actually retyping and changing a package?

An option like this would be actually nice to have, a client would see how much he is saving from what one normally charges (as the normal price would still be visible only somehow visually disabled), plus it would save all the hassle with the typing and retyping and page positioning.

Plus after a selected date it would disappear and return to normal pricing automatically.

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I quite like this idea of a feature.

At the moment, I’ve seen people put a ‘SALE’ type logo over their primary image, and making it obvious in the Gig description.

e.g. ** USUALLY $100, ONLY $80 MAY 2017 ONLY **

That is what I just did, a nice “sale” text will have to do for now.

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