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Do I have to Cancel this Order!


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Hi everyone,

I got an order about 24 days ago for logo design gig. I delivered him the two designs and all the files as stated in my gig including the extra vector files he ordered and I delivered way before the deadline. He then wanted a new design even though the other designs were exactly what he wanted. I made a new design in the same style as the samples he sent me. He then came back wanting to cancel this order. Should I have to cancel? I have delivered what my gig states and it states nowhere on my gig that refunds are given if the buyer is not happy with my work. I even did extra work for him for free. What should I do?


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Deliver ALL your logo work WITH a watermark on it BEFORE they give you final approval. This is what I do. I find MANY people hire the GIG, get the delivery and then say "Great! But can you make the text white"

Its obvious they are getting TWO made for different backgrounds.

So, on your order page where you write your requirements, clearly state: I will deliver a watermarked DEMO of the logo for APPROVAL before uploading the completed files.

I put the word DEMO over the image at least six times.

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