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Need quality leads databases

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I need quality leads databases, specific to various countries, with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Country

If there are fields such as:

  • IP address
  • mobile phone
  • company name
  • city

That is also good.

I am tired of buying fake databases, with duplicates, or emails that are not working. I need good and high quality databases, including the preview of few lines.

I also need background of the database, for example, if you have blasted emails to them, if you claim that emails work, then they shall work. I don’t need bunch of invalid email addresses.

Following groups of people I need:

  • Quarry companies in Europe anywhere
  • Construction companies in Europe anywhere
  • Vehicle and machine traders anywhere
  • Laboratory equipment anywhere
  • Gold buyers, gold sellers, from Europe, US
  • Diamond related businesses
  • Attorney anywhere, sorted, this one must be easy, just fetch it from bar associations
  • Internet domain owners in various countries, without anonymous email addresses

If you have any of the above groups, contact me. You may propose other groups of people.

If you simply have people by country, also contact me, following countries I need by priority:


  1. Tanzania
  2. Uganda
  3. Kenya


  1. Croatia
  2. Bosnia
  3. Serbia
  4. Montenegro
  5. Hungary
  6. Poland
  7. Finland
  8. Norway
    and other EU countries such as Germany, UK and similar.

I am not interested in low-quality, and if you don’t know your database, and how you got it, and if it is usable, best is to avoid contacting me.

If you have good quality database, leads that may be contacted, with less than 2% invalid emails, that is workable.

Thank you

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