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Writing a Perfect Offer

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Here is what I would put in an offer:

  • make it unique so that the buyer can see that you’ve read and understood their requirements
  • add assumptions if appropriate e.g. I can offer to do your project for $20 assuming 'there are only 3 formulas; the excel VBA code is only needed to do x as stated in your request, you can provide the working file, you are okay with the standard delivery time, you have no additional requirements… ’ etc.
  • add any constraints e.g. file must be in English
  • put a price that is the same as your gig price so that if a buyer checks they don’t feel you’re trying to cheat them
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What I do is:

I used to use Buyer Request daily but now I don’t have time for that as I get my work from repeated clients mostly or new clients…

  1. Greetings
  2. Write your introduction in second paragraph.
  3. Describe what buyers demanding in your words
  4. How will you do it in next paragraph
  5. Why should he/she select you
  6. Closing remarks.

it worked for me.

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