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Regarding seller advertisements on BR and here on forums

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I don’t quite comprehend why people are advertising on Buyers Request, and here on the forums.

Since these are the places where mostly sellers visit, the fact that people post there gives them a false sense of achievement, and progress towards getting clients, when in fact (according to what Ive written previously), the traffic that is received from these places has to be above 95% from fellow sellers. While other sellers might be buyers too, no doubt this is a small percentage.

Buyers no doubt use search along with average custom ratings and recommended options.

Continuing, let us be honest, this is mostly wasted time as no real customers will come from these actions. And while one might feel good and somewhat accomplished for the day, that one had advertised, it is only illusionary, and serves only to falsely fortify in ones mind some sort of false accomplishment.

Plus it does clog up the place with these kinds of posts I’m sorry to say.

Not meaning to put down or bash anyone, only speaking my mind, perhaps I am wrong since I am fairly new here?

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