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Why the order's get late without any reason?

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That happened two times. And i really don’t appreciate it. Client ordered and i completed and delivered the task within due time and after one or 2 days of the delivery, they ask me to add some gig extras for some extra work. And i added some extra days on the gig extra because it will take time to complete the extra work. Maybe, after 1/2 days the client accepts the gig extra offer. When he accepts the gig extra offer, instead of adding the time that i have added on the gig extra, the order shows late warning. And after a while it shows ridiculously late warning. Why is that for? Why that extra days don’t include in the order time? Point to be noted, my order delivery time is 24 hours. After submitting the first delivery, the client ordered the gig extra after two days. My question is - why the extended time hasn’t added in the timer? Why it’s showing late while i am not late? The client just ordered the gig extra. How can i be late so soon? What’s wrong? I don’t like the late warning, because i never do late delivery. Only this thing happens when someone orders any gig extra after 1/2 days after delivering the order.
Please let me know how to stop this from happening again.

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