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Will I get "dinged" due to timing of mutual cancellation?


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G’day folks,

I’ve been waiting several days for more info on someone’s topic that I need to write on for my article gig. Normal internet researching wasn’t an option for their niche, but they haven’t responded to my requests for more information.

Finally, with only one day left on the order, I requested a mutual cancellation–which tells me that in TWO days they’ll consider it cancelled.

This is a one day overlap…will I get “dinged” as a seller?



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Hi there,

It has happened to many of us. it is better to have mutual cancellation rather than being marked for late delivery. even if the buyer doesn’t response to the mutual cancellation, it will be auto-cancelled. As a seller, it may reflect in your cancellation ration but as soon as you get more sales, the ratio goes down.

don’t worry, i think this is a better option

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