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Accepting a gig or not


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Glanced at your gig offerings and saw that one was to explain, consult or write about the world of insurance. What if someone asks you to write an article on how to win on an insurance claim, even if you are at fault or lie to do it?

Not trying to offend or be inflammatory, but honestly, what CAN you do if someone just goes ahead and BUYS a gig from you then asks for that kind of work to be done? The order is placed by that time, so you would be in the position of honoring the request, or sending result that go against what the buyer requested but follows your conscience, or cancelling and dealing with the consequences of that.

Sorry to be a buzz-kill, but just wanted to point out that while you can strongly SUGGEST or hope that buyers actually ask for the kind of work you want to do, you MIGHT also be put in a position to deal with it if they don’t.

Lots of writers, bloggers and models on Fiverr have “disclaimers” on their gig descriptions stating a list of things they won’t do or work on, but that still might not prevent a buyer from trying to order it anyway. But it WOULD put you on record as to what you were intending to sell if there is a dispute later that could be arbitrated by Customer Service.

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