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$6000 From Fiverr


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Celebrating $6000 mark Hoping to touch $10.000 sooner with my awesome team members. Could have achieved that target easily if i have my two best selling gigs. but unfortunately had to delete one and suspend other one because of foolish negative reviews. I hate this buyers consent thing. Buyers asking too much work and once we deliver what we have promised in gig and with few extras they post negative “Do not buy” just because i don’t give gig extras for free.

Some people Trying to threaten good gigs with negative reviews and try to get more services just for $5 that is so sad and bad. but anyway I’m happy with this result. worked hard day and night to achieve this 🙂

But still we are very sad about our wordpress seo gig. Had more than 50 Positive reviews almost every order had gig extras included. but only one buyer ruined it for new buyers and fiverr support said need buyer consent. so i have gave up 🙂 got some notifications to rate that ticket i didn’t even looked at it.

So post nice gigs. do honest work. You will met some rude and crazy buyers who post negative reviews for no reason or just to get more services. try to refund or just forget your 100% ratings dream. But there are thousands of quality buyers looking for clean and honest work. it is your chance 🙂

I’m in a little hurry, have some bookmarking gigs to finish fast. hope this will be a little motivation for new comers. Cheers!!!

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LOL another unfair negative review. but this time i won’t go for fiverr cs :))

Buyer asked to add facebook likes for two posts. after i finished work he or page admin deleted one post (probably after his competition is over) now he is asking me to add likes for a new post.

i could have done it if he asked it politely but sending a thumbs down and no reason. threatening me to do extra work. Do we sellers always have to do this? Do extra work to protect ratings even after deliver what we have promised with bonus too? [-(

Fiverr cs will say they can’t do anything without buyer consent 🙂 so better have his thumbs down.

I love previous fiverr site and previous CS staff. they helped us well. Alice, Max no longer works with fiverr cs? They were the best :-?

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Guest gamersuscentral

I left ebay for fiverr. I left ebay because most buyers scam sellers on there. Much more now than ever. Andddddd… Ebay claims they cant do anything about it. As a seller you cannot leave negative feedback to a buyer, but the seller can! Its ridiculous. I came to fiverr, luckily I havent encountered these issues yet, but from what I read on the forums … it seems like customer service really needs to step it up a notch or two. I have reached out to them numerous times letting them know that I have plenty of skills in the customer service field and I would be more than happy to help them out. I can answer questions all day long!!! But unfortunately they ignored me, and since Im from the USA , its not an option to them??? (Their words not mine) .

I guess the only thing we can do for now is just wait for fiverr to update themselves. I have alot of faith in fiverr. Fiverr is just growing. Keep on doing what you are doing! Great Job!

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