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"The Withdrawal Fee"


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Hello All MAtes, As We provide a Service For Min. Rate 5$, Its Ok That Fiverr Charge 1$ For It.

But When We Are Going To Withdrawal Our 4$ , Then Why It Again Charge of 8 Cent.On Every withdrawal of 4$.

if We Withdrawal A Huge Amount like 100 or 200$ .On Every 4 Dollers It Charge 8 cents by this Easly We have to Pay Extra 10 to 15 Dollers…

Then Any Idea For It…

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Guest marsch001

And then if you, like me, have to convert the money from USD in order to actually withdraw them to your bank account, then there’s another paypal fee.

But as others have said; paypal doesn’t take more than $1, so wait until you have at least $50 (preferably more) before you withdraw and it won’t cost you as much in the long-run.

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