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Something I Didn't Know About Chargebacks


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So, I have just received an email from a site to which I had subscribed a long time ago, and it said something about chargebacks that got me thinking…

Do you know those buyers who are happy with your work, leave great feedback, and then suddenly you get a chargeback notification from Fiverr because the buyer made an external dispute and was refunded? Here’s what the email said about it:


Doesn’t this make sense? I think it makes sense, otherwise I can’t see why those happy buyers who leave great feedback do that…

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That’s interesting.

I remember once I thought I was billed Twice for the same product but both had different titles and descriptions on my statements.

I’ve never done a chargeback in my life and don’t plan on doing so. (Unless someone steals my information and goes on a shopping spree.)

Now I’m wondering what comes up on my statement after a Fiverr order? Can anyone share a snippet?
Does the actual service show up? i.e. 5000 word article.

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