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Formatting text into readable paragraphs


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Another forum question about this was recently answered by a Fiverr employee who said that you CAN use standard HTML tags in the composition of your gig descriptions. (These “tags” tell web browsers how to show/display your layout, so the tags themselves WILL be visible on the page/box where you compose your entry, but not on the final version seen by readers.)

Most common/basic ones might be:

Paragraph breaks made by simply inserting the code <p> at the end of paragraphs

Line breaks made by the code <br> where you want the break/wrap

Italics done by putting <i> in front of the word (or sentence) to italicize and </i> after it

Bold text by <b> in front of the word (or sentence) to show as bold and </b> after it

Lists – several ways to do these, and since they take up lots of space in your layout it might be better to make simple line breaks instead, but if you really want ordered lists with “bullet points” a simple web search will show the option for that.

Many more are available, but you can’t always be sure they will display well on various browsers, tablets, phones etc. The few shown above are pretty standard old-school tags.

Might want to test it on your least popular gig first or maybe even try creating a new one then cancel it if you don’t get the look you want.

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