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Where did I go wrong? My gig utterly FAILED, even though I put in a lot of work into it


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I made for myself a while back a specific style to use for my websites for social media icons and I went full tilt on an idea I had to make a ton of them and try to sell them as set.

Well I did an awesome video and make the pack huge and it the world’s most favorite (statistically) color blue and yet nearly a month later no one even tries it:


Where did I go wrong?

Am I using wrong keywords, wrong description, wrong video, what did I do wrong?

thank you.

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HI Levyimage,

That is certainly frustrating when gigs don’t sell. I have one that I know is a good idea but it has not sold once in 3 months. I think it is important to think like the customer. And to concentrate on "What is in it for me?"

Am I using wrong keywords

Possibly. What about Icon Package or Icon Set? Why say the largest? It is probably not and just encourages distrust.

Wrong description

You could a small list of some of the more popular ones that are in the package and people need a lot.

wrong video

It is a little self congratulatory. It has your companies logo often. People don’t care about that. Tell them what is in it for them. If you can you could narrate it as well. Or pay some other Fiverr five to narrate it.

I hope that helps,


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It sounds like a great offer but the first thing I suggest is you mute the music on your video, it is very distracting.

The other thing is you are advertising icon ‘sets’ so I don’t know if they are all in sets that have to be cut in some way. Most people don’t know how to do that.

If you are selling the icons as individual graphics then you should show them that way. You will have more luck selling each individual graphic rather than selling sheets of icons that need to be cut with a program like photoshop.

Just make it a bit clearer as to what the buyer is getting and you may find more people buying your gig.

Good Luck!

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