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No e-mails right?

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I understand we are not allowed to share an email address with our clients. I have a client trying to send me 38Gb. Using wetransfer.com or I think he is using Megasync, and now he is asking for my email. Whats should I say?

I just need a way to transfer the files without putting my client or my Fiverr account in danger.

Thanks 🙂

P.S. I think there’s a link to my website on my fiverr page. I have demos and info there and also my email address… should I remove my link from fiverr or my email from my website?

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It is against Fiverr rules to share or link any contact details outside of Fiverr. Read the Terms of Service to make sure you understand the rules.

My apologies on that last part I said it all wrong… I meant I have a fiverr link on my website, and my website also shows my email. Is this wrong?

Also, how do I transfer the files then?

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To share large size file you can use drop box or Goggle drive.

You can create showcase of your portfolio on approved site.

In showcase you should not add direct contact info, instead of contact form you can put a link to that in your profile message

Thanks guys,

So let me get this right.

I can keep my portfolio website (that I made on wix) as long as I don’t link to it on my fiverr page. I can keep my fiverr link on this website.

I can have I link to a different portfolio page on my fiverr as long as it is one of the approved sites.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, I truly don’t mean to break any rules 🙂

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