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Collaboration with another Seller?


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Hey fellow fiverr-ers. I just wanted to throw the idea out there of a possible collaboration (I guess I can call it that). I am a graphic designer with about 13 years of experience under my belt. I’ve been a member here on Fiverr for roughly 2 months. I guess what I’m asking is some of my clients ask for work that isn’t really in my skill set or are just too time consuming for me to complete in a timely manner (I have a full time job as well). (ie: SEO, social media followers, logo design, etc.).

Basically, if any of you sellers out there that need graphic design work done you could push it my way and vice versa?

I’m not even sure if Fiverr is cool with something like this. (that’s why I figured I would ask here first)

Here is my profile: http://fiverr.com/jmoney33

Thanks guys,


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I think it should work. Why not? because I have had a buyer who asked me if I could od a gig on commenting(forum comments) and he gave me an idea to have a collaboration with other sellers so that it can form a larger network of comment providers and those comments we make for them will seem stronger. Have not look into that yet as it is not my primary gig so far

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Hi J,

You might want to check out this thread on collaboration with other sellers.


I think teaming up is a great idea and can be profitable for all involved. I think it’s a good enough idea that Fiverr should add team functionality.


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