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Gig showing in one category not in multiple

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Hello, I am working on fiverr since long time and I was struggled too much to rank my gig up, But since last 3 weeks I am facing an issue that my gig is shoeing in just one search category (Superb whiteboard animation) not showing in multiple categories like (whiteboard animation, whiteboard animation video, Amazing whiteboard animation, professional whiteboard animation, etc) my gig was showing in these categories 3 weeks before. I have contact the customer center multiple times but they are saying that everything is fine in your gig. I can’t if everything is fine then why my gig is not showing in other categories too like showing 3 weeks before, I really worked hard to raise up my gig ranking. Please suggest me what should I do?


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Guest offlinehelpers

I think you’re referring to keyword searches rather than category searches.

Here’s some info about the ongoing algorithm tests:
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Hi Doers! Some of you may have noticed some… strange things happening to your searched Gig placements in the marketplace. Not to fear, we’re running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs. ...

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