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Posing on buyer Request is again TOS? True Or False?


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Sellers who post on buyer requests do so at their own risk - they may (or may not) be caught by Fiverr’s editorial team. If they get caught, the request will be removed and they risk a spam warning or worse.

Why you see many sellers posting there? Because they don’t read the ToS, they may not even understand how the site works and why it’s called “buyer requests”, or they simply don’t care. And for some people, spamming has become second nature 😞

Why is Fiverr allowing them to post there? Because it got out of Fiverr’s control, and it would take a lot of man power to constantly watch that page for spam or ToS violations, and I don’t think Fiverr wants to invest so much effort and money to keep that page clean of spam (imagine that people post there hundreds or thousands of requests a day!)

But I do know that Fiverr is working on an alternative solution to this problem, especially since the Forum is filled with posts on this matter and how BR has gone haywire (so they’re aware that the BR page is being abused a lot)

P.S. maybe the solution will come as a “report” button for a select group of sellers who will become moderators, who knows…

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