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How to Keep an Excellent Rating and Get Return Buyers


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First of all,

It goes without saying that you need your gig to deliver value.

If you can deliver value to a buyer, it means your business process is set, and the rest is just finesse, promotion and being consistent.

Value can be anything - for entertainment gigs, it would be something funny, something the user can share with their friends and get social recognition.

If it’s an advertisement gig, it would be something that helps the buyer improve their company/website promotion, get more traffic, better and more unique branding, etc.

This is important to know, as every once in a while (and this WILL happen eventually - the more you get popular and better with your gigs, the higher the statistical probability of getting a problematic order/buyer), maybe 1 in 200 orders or so, you are going to be in a situation where you’ll need to use the value your gig offers, to fix a problem with a buyers order and keep your excellent rating in check!

So, how would you use your gig value?

It’s simple - always try to be over-delivering on your content and never be afraid of re-doing a problematic order 2-3 times for free. This does take time, but it will help you in the long-term to stabilize your sales.

For example, a buyer is not happy with the picture/logo you’ve sent him.

Instead of arguing about this and telling him how AMAZING your Photoshop skills are and how many positive reviews you have, reply back with 2-3 more variations of the logo/picture so that the buyer now feels that he is in fact getting what he paid for, and even a little bit more than he expected - and tell him he can keep and use all of the content provided.

You’ll be amazed how fast this diffuses difficult situations, and everyone is satisfied with the results.

And if you notice someone deliberately trying to complain in order to get free stuff, just report to Customer Support 😉

Of course, running your Fiverr sales like this will also increase the amount of return buyers you’ll be getting (as your sales and review will be more consistently positive), which as some sellers can tell you is not a small amount per day/week.

Good luck!

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