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How to deal with unscrupulous buyers?


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A buyer ordered but then asked for cancellation saying it was a mistake. So I agreed to mutual cancellation. Later on, he ordered again but did not attached the file to work on. I asked him the file but only replied a day after. When he replied, he instead asked me where to send the file and had me waiting for hours before he could finally send the link. Because of that I only had 2 days to complete the work instead of 3. Also the work involved is too much for the price he’s willing to pay. I offered an additional fee but he declined and didn’t say anything. He just left the order hanging.

Now, I am very frustrated coz I think he is an unscrupulous buyer. He wanted to decrease my completion rate that can really affect my business. I think he is a competitor hiding in another’s shell. I know that if I asked for cancellation my completion rate will be affected again. And he will do it again and again until I have no more buyers here, which is very unfair. But I will try to report this buyer as a scam and unscrupulous and see what Fiverr does.

I really hope that we the sellers are given the ability to block or report a buyer a scam directly so we are not put in a great disadvantage and injustice here.

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