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Feeder info for Infographic


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I sent my seller a table that had all the data I wanted translated into an infographic. I asked for two colours to be used. I got back the exact table I sent in three colours - two almost identical to what I sent and another still not in the colours I asked for. ZERO graphics - percentages still say 40% etc.

I wasn’t expecting this. If I knew how to make my table of data into a pretty graphic, I would have done so. Were my expectations for this unrealistic? If so, can you please share an example of source info I should send?

Is there a way to show what I sent? It’s a Word table.

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Your expectation is realistic, you may have just chosen a seller who doesn’t have the experience or skill to do the job. Fiverr has a lot of bargain options and some are great, some are not. I would suggest that you look for another seller that advertises infographics and take a careful look at their profile and gigs.

Choose someone who has a good number of solid reviews (not necessarily all 5 star, but high overall) and probably someone at the highest level you can afford. It can be very helpful to contact the seller before ordering and ask if it would be all right to send your source file and make sure they know what to do. You can often tell a lot by the communication you receive back.

It’s also not a bad idea to ask them if they would be willing to do a sample work for you, perhaps just a small portion of the graph but you should be willing to pay a little for the sample. The sample may tell you if they understand the colors and can produce a small portion of a graph based on your table. If so, you can have them give you a quote to do the rest. Good luck!

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