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Revision requested after delivery time



This happened to me a few times and I wonder what to do. My delivery time is 3 days, but sometimes customers just take a lot of time to decide they want a revision. So they request the revision after the 3 days delivery time, which automatically means my gig gets marked as delivered late. How can I prevent this?

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There is many ways to prevent at your own stage - because fiverr don’t have any tool like these kind of problem prevent.

So Decide at your own - How do you can prevent this kind of problem!!
My suggestion
1st. Keep your delivery time around 5-7 days Then Deliver your job first draft within 24 hours of order placed - So you’ll have 4-6 days time for provide Revision!!

2nd. Mentioned this Very clearly about Revision time frame in your gig description and requirement area!

3rd. Inform your buyer about revision timeframe within your 1st draft delivery!!

hope this can help 🙂

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