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Nice-to-have: improvement for 'offers sent to BR'


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Low priority wish, but maybe for the to-dos for the next UI update.

Would be nice for the ‘offers sent’ to Buyer Requests:

  • possibility to delete offers we sent
    or, even better (you said the new mutual cancellations counting policy came by sellers asking for more analytics, after all)
  • split them up into offers sent+got accepted/led to an accepted custom offer VS. offers sent+not accepted (don’t know how to do that technically, somehow once a buyer accepted an offer from seller a, it should go into a’s ‘accepted’ list and for others who also sent an order to their ‘not accepted list’ somehow)

I’d really like to see that. 🙂

And, of course, an option to set an expiry date to the custom offers sent to BR as well, and an option to withdraw those offers (before they get accepted of course and maybe with some minimum time one can’t withdraw them too make things too messy for buyers) are still higher priority wishes than this one. 😉

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