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By mistakenly i have written This Word " Email " in chat Box

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.Dear Fiverr’s,

     Today a client asked me that "  will i be able to do Classified ad posting with his given Log in ID " Actual i provide Classified Posting , So told him yes, i can do with your log in details, You need to provide me your Email id and Password, 

I was chatting with this client through mobile app, When i write this type of word " Email " Through Computer that’s time fiverr show red mark so always i be alert, but this time i was chatting through Mobile app and Fiverr didn’t alerted to me, I was not remember about that unfortunately i have sent this message, After sent this message i was realizing i have done a big mistake.

Please Fiverr’s Expert, Help me , What should i done? Will it be any problem? Please please help…

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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