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Article Sellers, Do you have an easy time getting gigs?

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apicturesworth said: users who are obviously reselling.

You're not alone! Seen this forum post?


Answers you seek maybe found there

apicturesworth said: How often do you get writing gigs? How many words do you offer?

Yet to get any gig up and running meself, however, I've learnt so much from reading posts on this forum for when I do start a gig what to be wary of and more :)

Looking at your writing gig:

In the URL you state: 'write you five 400 word articles' and yet in the gig title you state: 'write two 500 word articles on any topic for $5'. Not knowing how many words you are delivering is neither here or there, however, in the description stating: 'no credit needed. When the articles are finished you own the rights to all of them', I'm finding it changelling to see why you're now reflecting on your worth. :|

And yet, if I was in your shoes, I would:
1) create another gig offering 400 words or less and remove/pause the current gig (If seller wants more, they pay more)
2) wait to become a Level 1 seller, create another gig with less words and use your extras for additional word counts.

Can't say these suggestions will work, as not a seller of writing gigs, however these are some answers I've read in the past on this forum to similar question.

You can also look back at Fiverr forum posts to see how other writers in a similar predicament as yours resolved theirs and also search the writing category to see what other sellers have as their minimum word count. :-B

Remember some have been Fiverr sellers for weeks with no sales. So well done for being recognised so quickly!

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Reply to @zoe_21:

You will notice this inconsistency in many gigs. The URL seems to maintain the original gig title. So say if you originally offered 1000 words for $5 and after improving your rating you decide to now offer only 500 words for $5, the URL does NOT reflect the change. I have no idea why Fiverr does not fix this. It makes the seller seem like they’re doing a bait-and-switch when they really are not.

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If you are skilled at writing and are limited to what you can do, writing gigs pay well. I live in a small apartment so I don’t have tons of space to do pristine and lavish HD testimonials, voiceovers, radio commercials, and other fancy gigs like that. Sorry but I don’t have the time nor patience. I do enjoy writing and graphic design gigs though. I actually write articles in about a half an hour. Sorry but if you’re not able to complete “at least” 2 quality blogs or articles in 1 hour’s time then maybe testimonials and voiceovers are for you. That’s why we all have our own niche we’re good at.

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Yeah, I used to have a Gig for writing articles (500 words for $5), it worked very well, although finding ideas, for me, takes me a lot of time, but I had a few return customers, some with huge orders. The time it took me to create an article was really not worth it, but hey, a $20 order added up nicely to my income, until one of my biggest customers requested a refund because he felt that his last 3 or 4 articles did not look very unique, I agree to refund (I think it was a $20 order) as he was a good returning customer. He accepted the refund but came back with a claim for all the previous orders. Now we were looking at hundreds of dollars. I ignored his request and got away with it.

I was then so disgusted with this kind of unfair and insulting attitude, after all the hard work (for me) I put in to create an article, that I deleted that Gig, and leaving it to the experts who are more gifted than me (like cust0mcr3ationz and others), I am sure that they can do a better job in a reasonable amount of time, and I stick to what I can do best, where I have hundreds of very grateful customers. :-@

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Reply to @magellon: Wasn’t making it seem like I’m more skilled or qualified to do work in article and other writing gigs. If anything I will say that articles and blogs are the toughest gigs. Customers prey on sellers and expect everything for a little bit of nothing. I will say this much, every seller should try selling outside of their niche at least once and see how well you do. You may be surprised that you may be doing the wrong gigs after all. I have tried testimonials and my apartment was too confined. I tried animated videos with my HD webcam. They were ok but the script’s were unbearable. I have even tried working with an old fashioned ventriloquist dummy. After 1 gig i stopped that because the script was horrible, I force cancelled, and well that was that. For over a year a majority of my gigs have been graphic design or some form of writing. I even had a cue card gig and that got a few orders but nothing great. I guess what I’m saying is if you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing give something else a try.

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I paid someone $5.00 to write 300 words for me here on Fiverr… but she had the ratings to pull it off and when I got the content, I pretty much died from the awesomeness of it.

I bought 3 more gigs.

I dont care how many words you can write. As long as its AWESOME, I’ll cough up the money, that’s my personal thought on the matter.

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cheezees said: You will notice this inconsistency in many gigs

Ah ah!
Explains that then Cheezees :)
Thanks for posting and pointing out that info.
That glitch, also shows where as a buyer, I'm sometimes confused and have to decipher what is actually being offered.
Can see why some cancellations occur. It's not always about 'not reading descriptions properly or gig title'. It's because I *did* read the URL, title AND descriptions and got confused with the conflicting info. :|
NOTE: That statement is not aimed at your gig apicturesworth - it's just my observation on some gigs :-B

cheezees said: I have no idea why Fiverr does not fix this. It makes the seller seem like they're doing a bait-and-switch when they really are not.

Perhaps this is on the Fiverr V2 coders to-do-list?

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