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Can you help to get orders pleas?


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Well, I’ve looked through some of your gigs. You really should write longer descriptions buyers really want to be convinced to buy it and have as much information about it as possible. Also, it’s a big turn-off for buyers when the description isn’t in proper English. You may want to fix that. Last off, you’ve only been here for a day. It took me a week and a half to get my first sale and many sellers even more time. Just be patient.



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Grace is right.

You need to describe your gig in a little more detail. Make it atleast 200 words and describe what your buyers could expect from it.

Have your titles proofread from somebody. They need to be in proper English or else it will turn away potential buyers.

You could also offer some extra services for the time being in your main gig to get some sales and then once you become a level 1 seller, you can offer those in extras.

Add video to every gig of yours and you will surely be getting few orders right away.


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