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Hello everyone! I'm Alberto, from Venezuela

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Hello, everyone!
I have a few months now on Fiverr, but now I am deciding on coming here and introduce myself.
This has become an excellent choice for me as an extra income by doing what I love.
My name is Alberto, from Venezuela. My country is undergoing a horrible crisis, and even though I am an MD, my incomes are laughable. The truth is, Fiverr is making me earn more money than two different clinics I am currently working on.
I am planning on moving to another country soon, probably in January, even though I do not want to leave my home. For this new goal, Fiverr has opened the road because I can finally see one way out now. I am jubilant and optimistic because I love writing, grammar and English more than anything in the world, and I never thought I could use those skills the way I am doing now.

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