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Best way to add external references/links to Fiverr gig


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I’ve read through the Terms of Service and it appears that external links that do not relate to youtube, flickr, and one or two other websites are shunned.

I offer a full website design gig, but unlike most sellers I spent a few thousand dollars (in a previous life) and now hold legal licenses to hundreds of WordPress themes and plugins spread across a few different websites.One of my extras allows users to choose their own theme from my library. On Fiverr, I do not believe I am allowed to post a link to any of these sites, so I fear that one of my unique features is not possible.

Are any of these three methods viable?

  1. Post the links on my gig description / a private message (probably will get me banned)
  2. Don’t outright give the link. Instead say “All of our available themes can be seen on the company 1 website, the company 2 website, and the company 3 website.”
  3. Make a generic YouTube video, link the buyer the video, and then place the external links in the description

Thanks for any help!

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