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About the time fiverr saved me from bankruptcy!

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I’ve been in fiverr for about 1 1/2 years now, and I can’t complain! But when I think back to the moment I started taking this seriously I always tell my friends the story of how at one point, and due to definitely a bad year for my businesses, I had almost 0$ in my bank account, my electricity bill was about to expire and things were going to get very difficult for me and my partner. That’s when I realized I had been taking a few gigs in fiverr and had some savings there! since my first couple of months were kind of low I really wasn’t that aware of my fiverr budget at the time but hey to my relief I had enough to pay the electricity bill and a few extra bucks! That helped me through that very difficult month boosted my confidence and took a heavy load out of me! Everything fell to its place from that moment on! I realized, if this place had the potential to pay for one of my bills why not pay for some more?! Of course I always gave my best to every gig from the beginning, but from that moment on I started reading the forum, advertising my gig and in general taking this as a very important part of my business! Now my order volume is not so high but my monthly income is very consistent, all I can say is keep up the hard work every day! It definitely pays!

Thank you Fiverr.

Did anyone have a similar experience??

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