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Attack Neutralized by Fiverr, and Thank God My Antivirus!

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Hi dear Fiverr brothers and sisters,

Jonnywaves here, I am a Level 2 Seller, leader of a translation and content creation team, well, I must thank this great Platform we all are in Fiverr.com, for neutralizing a hacker who came to me with the following message:

       Hi! I need order service.       I need to do this in a short time.       PLS get task.       tomorrow will be ready??

…as you can see, it is just a pointless message, no soul in it, just a general copy-paste with an attached *.rar or zip, piece of virus which my antivirus did not allow to download to my hard disc drive, next thing, Fiverr has taken out this dangerous bug, the account does not exist anymore, I feel safer now, but need to warn everybody about this kind of tactics, especially the new fiverrers, do not trust this type of messages, the real customers always ask clearly, in the first place, about the job they want to hire you for, no “general line” here, in my case they should have mentioned something like: “I need a translation from e¿English to Spanish of a birth certificate” or “I need an article about how to succeed online in 2017” …“I need an article about autoimmune disease”… or “can you proofread my cv?” …“I need you to proofread my Book intro, it is about how to connect with your favorite pet” … Rule here: specific need = specific point, you must learn that never a buyer will come to you with pure air and a nonsense message, why?..because they simply are not here to waste their time, they want a specific answer, a specific offer = then, they will ask specifically about their need/task, and then they’ll decide to hire you for the job or not. The better thing to do as a seller, the best path is: Honesty!, just be honest and clear to them, and you will get a good point on their side, even if you are not picked for the job, that’s how trust starts!. And the same rule applies to the buyers-customers and clients, if you want quality work, give quality info, just be true about what you want,

Kindly in contact, to your success!

Jonnywaves & The Team.

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Great share, Thank you

Hi jelsinardaooo, glad this helps, I will be decomposing in detail this attack later, keeping aware of this kind of dangerous fakes is a must, I am a friend at your service.

To your Top success!

Jonnywaves & The Team

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