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What is the proper size of a fiverr photo?


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kjblynx said: Gig Images (you can upload up to three per gig) Must Be:

• JPEG format

• 682 pixels wide x 459 pixels high (minimum)

• no more than 2MB each

• "high quality" (seems to be up to the interpretation of the editors)

• related to or IS the service you are offering.

Your image cannot be a stock image or something you do not own the copyrights to use. It is highly encouraged you use unique photos for each gig; do not upload the same image multiple times, even on different gigs.


Thanks for this great information about this fiverr splash page, it's saved me lot's :)



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Guest bhmakeiteasy

I had a problem regarding the depth and pixel! When you are uploading your gig image make sure the size is 682 pixels x 459 pixels and the dpi should be 72 to 92.whenever uploading a picture as your gig image make sure to meet the web standards correctly! unless the image quality will be low in pixel and dpi! :)>-

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