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Funds Pending Clearance


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Yeah, I think the process is automated but I guess it depends on system load, number of users with funds to clear etc., as well as timezones. I think Fiverr is Australia-based but sometimes (here in the UK) it feels like they’re working on West Coast America time 😉

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Same deal here - I have several orders that should have cleared by now.

I guess if someone leaves you feedback its normally 14 days from the time the feedback is left.

If a buyer did NOT leave feedback it takes 17 days, but could take longer…I think fiverr likes to hold these in…

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Same thing happening to me too and it has never happened before. I have orders that should have cleared yesterday and some from today too.

Madmoo does explain the clearing system to those that dont get it, but what we are talking about here is oders that are pending clearance and it has been over 24 hours. I have never had any orders pending that are dated from one day ago, first time for me.

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Yeah, it happens sometimes. It happened more often in V1, but this is a well known bug that happens from time to time even in V2.

I am in the same boat. I have hundreds of funds pending to be cleared since 2 days ago. However I’m sure it will be solved within the next 24 to 48 hours. 🙂

Best Of Luck.

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Same here. My money also not released since DEC 16.

Last day i found a disturbing payment bug. Which obviously i have reported to Customer Support and waiting for their reply .

I go through some orders and find that i have been PAID less in few orders.

For Example: i completed a GIG order which was of $30 amount. And i was supposed to be paid $24 but i see in my CLEARED AMOUNT page i got $12 for that order.

And i find this error on 13 places. I am not sure this happened with only me or anyone else having this issue.

If anyone want to check just go through your CLEARED FUNDS page and TALLY your transactions cleared amount with original Order amount.

Let me know if anyone find same BUG.

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