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What the hell is a Hipster?


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I must be getting really old and out of tune. Until today, I thought that a hipster was just someone who decides to dress like a lumberjack. Beared, boots, general lumberjack clothes = hipster.

Today, though, I apparently offended a hipster by suggesting that the look is just an image thing. Then I got a lecture about how some hipsters are vegan, some hipsters are gay, some hipsters are anti-establishment etc etc.

But wait. Some regular humans are vegan, gay, and anti-establishment. This being the case, my point stands. Hipsters are just people who dress like lumberjacks. What am I missing?

Blooming millennials. Youth and hair is wasted on them.

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I thought it was a replication as much as possible of the 1960s both in dress, hair, and posters in one’s bedroom-- a bastardization of the word hippie.

You need a summer of love to have a summer of love. I find hipsters more equinox of ego. - At least the ones I’ve met like today.

That said it is mulberry season. This being the case, maybe I could make up a batch of homemade trippy potion and try and convert a few into real hippies…

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