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Pakistanis are going good!

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Its always a great to see Pakistanis are earning handsome money. Here are some statistics that I was just reading…

Majority of Pakistani freelancing community bid for jobs in the following categories: IT and programming (mobile, web, database, game programming, developer and QA testing; jobs ranging from $21 to $23), design and multimedia (graphic and web design; again jobs ranging from $21 to $23), writing and translation (writing and web content; paying $17 to $19), sales and marketing (social media and SEO; paying on an average around $20). Interestingly, women professionals in Pakistan are actually charging significantly more than men; even though, there is gender equality on average across the world, with almost identical rates charged by men and women freelancers.

Some of the survey’s key findings are: the worldwide average hourly rate is $21. More than half of paid clients are located in the Americas. Legal services are the highest paid at $31 per hour. The worldwide income satisfaction level of freelancers is 46 percent. Writing and translation work is the lowest paid but requires the fewest hours of work per week as well. Over 80 percent of the professionals surveyed work on one to three jobs at a time. Almost fifty percent of freelancers find projects via online marketplaces and their preferred social media channel to promote freelancing skills is Facebook.

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