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Hilarious & Ridiculous!


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Just received this message, from a user who is also a seller!

"Hey wordandrecord

Please give me only $3

I am poor 😞

Email Paypal : ***********@gmail.com

thank u Very Much 🙂 "

What is going on ??


They are scammer here and making fake orders and try to get buyer.

So don’t go with him and request to fiverr to remove that type of person from fiverr.


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Yeah, report it. If anyone actually gives them their 3$, they’ll have their PayPal address, depending even the name of the PP account holder and country, and, considering how many people use a) unsafe passwords and b) the same passwords for everything, we might soon have ‘my Fiverr and PayPal got hacked, Fiverr and PayPal are unsafe!’ threads here.
That´s just apart from that as Miss Crystal said they missed the point of this site, though, most probably it´s just someone who prefers begging to learning skills and working, of course.

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