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🎂 💙 Happy Birthday Saddu_writer 🎁 🎈

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**Enjoy every minute of it... PARTYYYYYYYY!!!**


Oh, I had to share this 🐠😄


By the time you see this message, I’ll be 😴 here in The States.

But, I hope it brings a smile to your face. 😊

#Show Saddu some LOVE #ForumParty 🎉

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When you are of @saddu_writer 's age birthdays are meant to be celebrated, when you are of my age, birthdays are to be dreaded…I hope nobody “celebrates” my birthday here a few weeks from now, it is the worst day of the year for me 😖 The only good thing about my birthday is that, believe it or not, that was the day on which PM Modi was sworn in as Prime Minister of India about 3 years ago. So it is at once the saddest and happiest day of my life.

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@woofy31 Thanks a lot woof, i guess i am the lucky one. 🙂

@lloydsolutions Thank You… Sure i have.

@cyaxrex Thats so sweet of you. 🙂

@annai80 Thanks Anna. 💟

@wp_kid Thanks again. 🙂

@balubfa12 Thank you and stay blessed.

@marshamywords Thanks a lot. ❤️

@digihub Thank you. Its lovely. 🙂

Thanks A lot for making it so special. Love you all.

Happy Birth day pretty lady 🎁

@nikavoice How do you know every ones date of birth magic?😜

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