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One of messages got flagged or review


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Hi there i have been using fiverr from like 2 years but i am facing a weird problem here my client asked me for samples and i told him my github repository as a proof but i was unable to send it to him as it got flagged can any body tell me about the consequences i will have to face? or what will be the actions? i never intended to do something extra i just wanted to show proof

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my mistake will cause any problems for me now ? i will remember it or the next time

Well, not now.

However, if system caught something that violates TOS

there will be some side-effect like level up delay,

and the worst case, suspend!

Don’t do it again! Good luck…

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@danishnazir In my opinion, all sellers should go through the following reads, because they are critical if you want to stay away from problems like the one you had and you’re planning to be here for a longer time (especially since Fiverr already mentions what you are allowed in terms of links - hint: see end of this post):

  1. The Support site, where on the left side you’ll find links to various concerns you may have or problems you may encounter, including a FAQ section - sweet!

  2. The Fiverr Academy site, which is super-super awesome! I love the icons and overall design!

  3. The Terms of Service, which can also be read as a guide, and gives you special powers over some of your buyers (particularly the nasty ones who will give you headaches or trouble)

Don’t believe me those are great reads? Here: if you had taken your time to go through those, you would have found the below awesome page, which would’ve prevented your flagging problem - see? enlightenment 😃


P.S. yes, yes, I know: I also thought it’s an overwhelming/boring read and was afraid to open those 3 links; but I built some courage, thought of them as great books, and after I’ve read them all in 1 day, I was delighted and enlightened!

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