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I recently got the new Fiverr update which make our profiles and gigs bit similar to Facebook timeline.

It’s a nice work.

However I did some minor changes in my gig description after that. Now it doesn’t change to what I write on the Gig description box. No Bold or bigger letters.

I hope they fix this soon.

PS: It will be much easier for sellers if Fiverr introduce a chat system just like in Facebook. We have to reload the whole page every time just to see if there is a new notification or a message.

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Hey there,

I can’t speak to the gig description issues you’re seeing, as I’ve not experienced them myself, but I love the idea of a chat feature in Fiverr. While the messaging system works well and the new addition of tagging messages is amazing, being able to chat with our buyers would be huge.

Since we have to leave all communication in Fiverr, I could imagine this would make things a bit more difficult to track and make sure we’re not sharing phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact info to take things off-line, this would be awesome to be able to chat directly with our buyers to discuss needs.



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