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Gig extras bugged. Have been waiting on support for 2 weeks


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Hello, close to 3 weeks ago I wanted to update my gig extras to match my competitors. I followed ALL guidelines-
title character/special character limits, didn’t leave any fields blank, as well as check-marked every necessary box… and my gig extras would not save. When clicking save, the red bar at the top would pop up and tell me that I WAS using illegal characters, or my titles were too long. None of which are true and I have confirmed this with support.


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There’s the gig. It’s been 2 weeks since support told me that I need to watch for the “Tech” team to reach out to me in order to fix the issue. I have followed up twice since, and all i’ve gotten is “Thanks for your patience.”

I’m curious as to how long it takes for this mysterious tech team to message me? Right now my gig extras are out of whack and I have to notify people in my description that they need to message me.

Any tips or similar experiences with this issue would be great! I do not want to have to delete my gig and start over as I can’t afford to leave the 35 or so reviews/credit i’ve built up behind 🙂

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I’ve had sort of a similar experience… perhaps trying deleting all of the extras, save, and then re-typing in one by one saving each one as you go. Don’t risk using any kind of punctuation in them either cause that can trigger the error.
edit: also try to keep everything UNDER character maximums instead of what they specify. at least keep them under as you re-type them in the first time, and if it goes smoothly, you can try to use their maximum character counts if needed.

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Hi, I had an edit bug 2 days ago too, it didn´t want to save at all, telling me something was too long - in a part I hadn´t even touched, I gave up after even trying to accommodate that message by shortening the thing the pop up complained about, nothing.
I tried again the next day and it worked (and with the texts the pop up had claimed being too long back in their original lenght form (of course, as it hadn´t saved any changes) ;)).

So, until you’ll hear back from tech support, saving what you want in a file and re-trying might work.

In the meantime, maybe a new gig with a different angle, that´s different enough to leave it up even when you get your other gig ‘repaired’, trying out some new tags etc. on the go?

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For a long while, I couldn’t edit my gig description because each time I got there I found it was already over the character limit. The funny part was it had to be under the limit to get in there in the first place, but at that point, anything I change will require a massive cutdown of the content in my description. I gave it time and it passed.

I would have naturally suggested giving it time, but it’s too long already. Again, I’d have suggested CS, but you’ve been there. So, not sure what suggestion to give right now…😁 I think you should try @leahemme’s suggestion and tell us the result. All the best!

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